Day's Run

A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.

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Any day is a good day to start!

Next 30-day challenge starts tomorrow!  The hardest part of the challenge is the mental aspect.  Your mind (that little voice in your head) is an evil genius at making you think the food is crappy, the exercises suck, and you were happier before dieting.  This isn’t a diet.  It’s a lifestyle.  I did great on the last challenge and then went to shit.  My mind started going back to old routines.  Skipping gym workouts.  Eating crap.  Getting sick.

Work of artThis time, I’m going to do things differently.  Instead of being so strict that I couldn’t sustain it after it ended, I going to do what will fit into my life.  A cheat meal or slipup isn’t the end of the world.  Nip it in the butt and move on.  Don’t beat myself up over little things.  I know I’m able to make this challenge something more than just 30 days.

I have to take better care of my body.  Tell my mind to shut up!  I deserve it.