Day's Run

A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.


Hello, my name is Lynne!  I live in wonderful Colorado Springs, CO.  I’ve been blogging for over a year under multiple names that just didn’t fit.  First it was H2O Break and then The Pawsitive Thinker…both good names and one was set up for a good cause which I might continue, but I just couldn’t get them to mesh with my life.  This one does because this is me!  I’ve been Day’s Run from the moment I was born.  That’s the name of my family farm or what’s left of where I grew up.  What’s funny is now I’m so much of a runner!  Never was when I was growing up.  Kinda makes me chuckle.  Well enjoy my rants and raves about running in Colorado!  I might throw in a few things about my fuzkids.  I hope you don’t mind.

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