Day's Run

A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.

End of Week 2…Reset!


I’m sorry I’ve been gone a few.  I had personal health issues to deal with.  It’s not something I wish discuss other than it just plain sucks to get old.  From my initial doctor visit to the appointment with a specialist, I started feeling sorry for myself and eating junk because food has always been a shoulder to cry on.  Two days stuck worrying about things and today I reset my priorities.  I had to get back on track for my marathon in May so I went for my scheduled long run.confucius

It was probably one of the slowest runs in a while, but I did all 8 miles I had to do today.  The temperature was 35 degrees and it started spitting snow at me the last mile.  It really was a fun run and I’m glad I didn’t quit in mile one.  Sometimes it’s hard to shut up that little voice in my head.  I had to run because it was Scout’s birthday.

scoutToday would have been Scout’s 15th birthday.  I still miss her.  Summer is doing better.  I know she misses her “Foofer”.  I try to give her extra attention when she asks for it, even if it’s at 3 in the morning.  She’s grieving too.




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Running forever in Colorado!

3 thoughts on “End of Week 2…Reset!

  1. Cutest sad puppy face ever. I am so sorry for your loss. . . I understand about a million tears. Hugs to you!

  2. Good job getting out there and getting it done! Hope you continue to feel better.

  3. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling 100%, getting old does stink, as does heredity

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