Day's Run

A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.

Bring on another 30 day challenge!

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Last year, on the day after my birthday, I decided it was time to make a change.  I had missed two big races because of my migraines and not being able to train.  That finally hit home.  I needed to stop sitting at home feeling sorry about my life, eating every bad thing I could buy, and do something about it.  That’s when I contacted a local gym about a membership.  Little did I know the affect it would have.

I walked into Fit Quest Colorado Springs with all the bullsh*t other gyms had filled my head with.  I wasn’t building up Progress Photosmuscle; I was getting fatter!  I have a membership at another gym and was paying $$$’s to try to get fit.  It was more of a clique filled with gossiping moms.  I didn’t fit in.  I wanted a workout with an instructor who pushed me to be better.  That’s exactly what I got with Robert!

I started going to the classes he recommended and loving them, but I will say my heart wasn’t behind it.  I kept eating the same crap.  I went back to my marathon training mentality where I thought I’m working out so I can eat oodles of calories.  This didn’t help me with marathon training and it certainly wasn’t helping me now.

Move forward to September.  Robert set up a 30 day challenge where he would provide us with a menu and workout plan.  My military brain saw an opportunity for structure and all I had to provide was consistency and discipline.  I’ve done that before.  So I signed up and set out to follow it to the letter.

First week was…I won’t say awesome because it wasn’t.  It was different.  My “Fat Free, Low Calorie” mind was saying this is too much food.  You don’t realize how much 6 ounces of protein is until you put the food on the scale.  I started to think there’s no way I’m going to lose with this amount.  But I stuck with it.  Pulling recipes and ideas off Pinterest (check it out here).

I told myself not to step on the scale at home.  This is hard for me to do.  I usually weigh myself two if not three times a week.  I finally caved and stepped on the scale at the gym on the morning of the 11th day of the challenge.  I couldn’t believe this was actually working!  Now I know from previous diets, the first week can yield the greatest amount lost.  So I dug deeper and pushed on.

I didn’t have any issues with meal prep.  I’ve done it before.  On Sundays, I would cook everything for the week.  If I couldn’t get some chicken or fish cooked, I’d pick up a rotisserie chicken or chicken breasts from the deli.  No excuses!  I will say by the third week, I was so sick of cooking sweet potatoes that I begged Robert for no more of them.  There was one day with one cheat meal and I never used it, ever.  I didn’t want the temptations that can lead to an entire d@mn box of Oreos!

The diet itself wasn’t that bad.  You just have to be creative.  Find what fits for you and stick with it.  The exercise plan was brutal for me.  I’ve been a runner for years and Fit Quest’s classes made me find muscles I didn’t know I had.  I did have problems with the amount of sit ups required.  I really did try to do all of them, but some days, I just couldn’t.  Overall, by the 4th week of the challenge, my body started to get tired.  I was moody, cranky and hungry for something different (really I missed fruit).

I weighed out on the morning of my 28th day.  It was over.  Unfortunately, I went back to that “I’ll get back on it tomorrow” mentality.  The holiday binge commenced and my health put me in the E.R. with a migraine just one week later.  I knew I needed to make a change and tried, but had trouble shutting up the voice in my head.  The next month, I caught the crud going around (and still have it) which made me miss two weeks of training.  It sucked because I felt I let not only myself down, but I let Robert down.  I was able to take off the weight, but the underlying issues were still there.  Work in progress.

My personal results from the challenge:

  • 22 pounds lost
  • 4.5% body fat lost
  • 19 inches lost
  • 1st overall female in the 40+ women’s age bracket
  • 1st overall female in the women’s bracket – $100 prize!

New year.  New challenges.  First let me say I’m not one to make resolutions in January.  I’ve made them before and when I failed at it, I was disappointment in myself. I put together a list of things I would like to have happen:Win back my life!

  1. I want the body I had when I first started running back.
  2. I want to be able to run another marathon (already in the lottery for the Lincoln Marathon 2015).
  3. I want to gain control over my migraines.
  4. I want to reduce the amount of medicines I take each day.
  5. I want to be happy.


After the last challenge, I know I can get all five items.

I just need to take that first step. I did yesterday when I signed up for the next 30 day challenge.  Bring it!


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