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A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.


Get a little lift!

As we head full on into the racing season here in Colorado, I have to post something for the ladies out there looking for a little lift.  I have been blessed with a curvy figure and as guys would say “Nice rack”.  Great when you’re wearing a low cut blouse; not so good when you’re out for a 20 miler in extreme heat.  So let’s talk about sports bras.  I’ve tried a lot of them.  The cheap ones are nice for working around the house or mowing the lawn, but take them out for a run and you might black both your eyes.  I keep coming back to Moving Comfort.  One, because they are great bras and two, because they are so adjustable.  I’m short-waisted, you see, and this makes regular sports bras without adjustable shoulder straps just plain weird to wear.  To get the front where it needs to be, the back is over halfway down my back.

So the first one I fell in love with is the Moving Comfort Fiona…

Moving Comfort Fiona*photo courtesy of

From their website: Our #1-selling bra, the favorite that women buy in multiples. Front adjustable straps offer unsurpassed levels of comfort and a custom fit. 

• Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape
•Interior front yoke limits vertical breast movement
• Front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure for easy, custom-fit adjustability
• Flattering exterior design lines add support and shape
• Adjustable back closure for easy on/off and custom-fit adjustability

The Fiona has an adjustable back closure along with Velcro straps.  You will not bounce in this one!  I’ve ran six marathons in this sports bra and only had minor chaffing directly under the center of the front strap.  Body Glide has helped with this.

At the Denver expo one year, the Moving Comfort booth said they were coming out with a new bra similar to the Fiona.  I explained the chaffing I had had with the Fiona and they said this new one should help with that since they changed up the fabric for the strap.  Enter the Jubralee!

Moving Comfort Jubralee*photo courtesy of

From their website:  Jubralee has it all—support and comfort in a flattering design. She was rigorously tested in our biomechanics lab to ensure the best support and fit possible.

• Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape
• Subtle-contour cups give shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer with a seamless look
• Interior front yoke
• Hidden side and under bust support
• Shaped front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure
• Adjustable soft padded back closure

This bra is fantastic!  My girls are not moving at all in this one.  The Velcro lays down more than the straps on the Fiona which makes it more comfortable on the collarbone/shoulders.  I just started training for the Chicago Marathon and I’ll be using the Jubralee.  The fit is fabulous.

From their website — BUILD A SOLID FOUNDATION

  1. MAKE IT THREE.  It may seem like a lot, but the ultimate sports bra wardrobe starts with 3 bras:  one in your gym bag, one in the wash, and one hanging to dry.  Just like you, your bras need a recovery day every now and then.  Having three bras frees you to be ready for any workout, any time.
  2. WEAR THEM WELL.  At first, your sports bra should be snug on the loosest hook-and-eye closure.  That way, as the elasticity in the bra fatigues over time, you have the ability to tighten it.  You’ll be able to stretch the life of your bra and still get the support you need.
  3. MATCH YOUR MOOD – OR YOUR OUTFIT.  We know that not every workout is the same, so we didn’t make every sports bra the same either.  The sports bra you would select for yoga class may or may not be the same as you would for a long run.  Select a range of styles to meet the needs of your favorite activities.  Plus, workout tops can be just as fun and unique as regular tops.  It’s nice to have a variety of open-back, racerback, or cross-back styles to choose from!

So as you start running this season, pull out your sports bras.  Give them a good look over.  Are they stretched out?  Elastic showing?  Not supporting your girls enough?  Head down to your local running store, like Boulder Running Company – Colorado Springs, and give Moving Comfort a try.  When you’re 80, your girls will thank you!