Day's Run

A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.

So I’ve been racing a little…

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Start of 2013

Hike #2

So my 2013 started out with a few extra pounds and a long recovery ahead.  I started it with hikes in the high hills with my bud Renee.  She runs up here.  I could barely walk the first time.  Did so much better after a few.    Race #1

I ran my first race on Superbowl Sunday.  It was a nice flat 5K.  I had been released from my doctor and PT.  I took it nice and slow.  I had a lot of fun!

BRC Women's Fit Team Spring 2013

Next came the Boulder Running Company Women’s Fit Team Spring 2013 signup.  I jumped at getting back to any distance over 3 miles.  I was stuck at 4 miles for a few weeks.  Running in the Garden is so challenging and beautiful.

Race #2

Time for my favorite hometown race.  All of my buds were out for it.  Here’s me, Sammie and Renee sporting green for the 5K.  Renee ran a 22:20!  I took like 6 minutes off my time from the one in February.  Sammie was amazing!  Running an awesome race!

Oh my...this is so awesome!

Double awesome!

Being a part of Coach Judy’s group has its advantages.  She knows some famous peeps!  Loved meeting the Gouchers.  They are such a cute couple and I will never forget meeting Kara.  Talk about motivation!

Race #3

After a rude awaking because of a time misprint, I made it down to Colorado State University – Pueblo for the Spank Blasing 10K.  My longest run since my injury.  This was a hilly course and I finished strong!  Had the football team there to welcome me back.  Nothing like cute guys to motivate you!

Race #4

So I don’t have a picture of me from the race.  This one’s better anyway.  This past Saturday I did the Take 5 in the Garden 5 miler.  It sucked!  I’m loving my new Hoka One One shoes for hilly runs.  My hip doesn’t hurt afterwards so it means they’re working.  I fought hard against puking numerous times.  Running in the Garden is never easy, but I need to get more of my workouts in.  It’ll make the long runs not as painful as this was.  At least the view was pretty.

On to the next one……10 miler maybe!?!


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