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A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.

My pits are killing me!


So those fantastic crutches had to go back.  Loved them, but my forearms were too short for them and it was pinching me at the elbows.  Serious bummer!  Which means I’m on the crummy crutches and it sucks.  From the bruises on my arms to the pain my poor left leg is going through.

But I’m getting ahead of things.  I did see the orthopaedic doctor a week and half ago.  He said it’s a Femoral Neck Stress Fracture and that I need to be on the crutches for a month.  Since I don’t have a limp and can stand well enough, he’s allowing me to put my right foot down and use the crutches to assist in taking the weight off of it.  Way better than taking all the weight off of it.  I thought I was going to die!  I’ve included this video to explain stress fractures.  It’s a little long, but holds a lot of information.

Now the MRI didn’t state which type of break I had.  It did say it was near the end of the bone though.  Some days are good and others suck.  Today is one of the worst in a long time.  There’s a cold front coming through.  Oh crap!  I’m officially old now.  My bones are aching!  Ppptttssss!

Oh a good note.  Darlena over at runfindyourhappypace had a contest last month for a $15 gift card to “Gone for a Run”.  Well the first person to win was MIA so my name was the next one picked!  I told her it couldn’t have come at a better time.  So I finally got the code to use the gift card and well I went a little crazy….  Thanks Darlena!


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2 thoughts on “My pits are killing me!

  1. Congrats on the GC win free stuff is always fabulous.
    Sorry the crutches are such a pain, literally, they would drive me crazy!
    3 more weeks you can make it!

  2. Oh I’ve never heard of this shopping site but the stuff looks adorable – I’m going to go broke. haha Sorry about the crutches but as long as it’s almost over that’s the good thing right?

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