Day's Run

A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.


Injuries Suck!

So I went into the weekend thinking I would be able to get out and do something.  My hips had other ideas.  Saturday, just running errands took enough out of me that I just sat at home that night.  Sunday, I got up hoping to go for a bike ride…nope!  Flat tire.  Better here than out on the road.  So I decided to take another chance at walking.  It went well on Wednesday night.  I got in 1.5 miles in that night on the treadmill.  So today I set out sans ipod and put in a nice – LONG – two miles.  I walked on the same road that I’ve ran on a million times.  It just felt weird.  Like something was missing.  I tried to jog but quit after six or seven steps.  Argh!

So I’m waiting for the xray results.  I had them taken on Friday at lunch.  It should take about 24-48 hours so possibly Tuesday.  I just want to make sure nothing is broken before I start pushing things.  PT has gotten me back to walking normally.  But I still have pain and I can’t jump on my right leg without wincing.  So it’s back to the waiting game.  At least I can ride my bike and walk.  More than I could do a month ago.

Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement.  It keeps me from digging into Ben & Jerry’s!  Thanks!


Moving in the Right Direction

This so suits what I have been going through.

I may be injured, but I know I will get better because I’m a runner!

Thanks to Positive Inspirational Quotes ( PIQ) for posting this on FB

So I had PT today.  Wait back up to the first part of the good news.  Today was the first day that I could actually walk with out a limp.  No weird funky chicken step!  So at PT, the doc said my hip flexors have relaxed and increased my workouts.  Along with this, she allowed me to start walking on the treadmill.  After the two mile scare I had a few weekends ago, I started out easy with only 0.75 miles at a 3.2 pace.  I tried to jog – NOPE!  Not there yet.  I also biked for about 15 minutes.  So I’m going to say some prayers tonight and hope I don’t have any pain in the morning.  Please no pain!  Comment if you’re saying a prayer for me too! (I’m just checking to see if anyone is reading this)  Night!

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I shall persevere!

Tough Chiks PERSEVERE!

Well I’ve procrastinated enough.  Today I was laying in physical therapy and it hit me – why am I so worried about with the Denver Marathon?  Is it the disappointment of not running it?  Well that’s crap because I’ve ran it many times before and each time I’ve had nothing but difficulties as well as heartache (can you say no late checkouts).  So ppttssss! on that one!  Is it worth pushing through the pain I’m having now to do it?  No, because I’ve got another race in the future and I cannot risk injuring myself even further.  Bring on the Route 66!  So is it the money I’m losing by not going?  Considering the fact that I’m currently paying $30 a visit for PT – REALLY what am I worried about!  I only paid $90 for the race and I crossed that amount weeks ago with my PT.  What would I end up paying if I did try to run?!?  I shudder to think about that.

So that’s it.  I’ve decided to DNS the Denver Marathon.  It was a hard decision.  I went back and forth over it.  Well on to the next race.  Wish me luck!