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A day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in 24 hours.

First Post! Diva Dash Boulder 2012

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So it was an early morning Saturday – what else is new there?!? – but this time, we got to sit out on the LONG run with the group.  Instead, we – and by we I mean Cindy, Sarah and I – piled into Sarah’s car for the hour plus drive up to Boulder, Colorado for the Diva Dash!  Yes, we left entirely too early.  No, we didn’t hit traffic in Colorado Springs or Denver – missed out on the attempted suicide jumper on Bijou bridge in the Springs.

So we had two hours to kill before our wave at 11.  Luckily, we had time to spare because they did not have enough port-a-potties for that many women!  Tons of full ones though and you could use them if you were brave.  We did the walk around and there were some nice booths of stuff.  Some good food options.  After getting prepped for the race, we headed for the beer tent!  Bad idea later because with the heat and running, I felt like I wanted to puke!  Oh but it was good beer!

The race was okay.  Not enough obstacles and they ran out of cups at the water stations.  Great volunteers out on the course – far end of the course!  It was so hot and they were still cheerful.  Loved the “car wash” where Sarah threw soap suds on me.  There were two water obstacles.  I tried to get Sarah but she was too fast.  Cindy almost went under when I pushed her.  She got payback at the next one.  We crossed the finish line soaking wet – not Sarah!  Here’s us at the car afterwards getting cleaned up.  To top off a good race, we went back for more beer!


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